Reaching the Top of the Industry and Opening a New Horizon With our Wealth of Experience and Skill

Hissan trading Co., Ltd. founded in 1922 and ROKKO SHOJI KABUSHIKI KAISHA founded in 1965 have dealt in a variety of products including synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, papermaking materials and construction materials. In 2012, these two trading companies merged to form Akros Trading Co., Ltd. Based on the experiences and expertise of the two companies, Akros Trading Co., Ltd. is keen to expand its operation by developing new businesses and products.
The name Akros, meaning "peak" or "pinnacle" in Greek, epitomizes our commitment to pursuing higher corporate value. With 11 overseas offices in Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia and Thailand, we intend to further expand our business and grow into a truly competitive global company. We keep on exploring business opportunities by making full use of our flexible imagination, market responsiveness and discerning perspective.

● Philosophy

With "sincerity and honesty" as our motto, we aim at becoming a corporate group with social credibility that contributes to the development of society and economy through sound and fair business activities.

● Vision

  • Establish a solid business base for sustainable growth and development through shifting to a new business structure
  • Create a new corporate culture, promote awareness rising about corporate climate, and strengthen human resource development on a global basis
  • Reinforce the sense of unity as one company, and establish a cooperative framework from a broad perspective

● Policy

Recognizing that environmental preservation is one of the most important global issues, Akros Trading Co., Ltd. focuses on environmental concerns in every aspect of its business activities. While we integrate environmental considerations into our day-to-day business activities in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, we aims at contributing to environmental conservation through proactive efforts based on our knowledge and know-how accumulated over years as trading companies. Among such efforts are the proposal of environmentally-friendly products and the provision of environment-related information to customers.