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Construction & Inorganic Materials Dept.
Special Admixtures, Civil Engineering and Building Products

We cater to every customer need with a variety of products
ranging from standard materials to high-quality materials.

Looking ahead to the future, we always make finely tuned
responses to on-site customer needs.
Serving the domestic and overseas markets, we will
continue to offer high-quality materials in accordance with
our total planning system focusing on environmental
conservation and safety.

●DENKA Special admixtures
Denka CSA
(expansive additive for concrete)
Denka Tascon
(non-shrink additive)
Denka Natmic
(Quick-setting cement additive for shotcrete for tunnels)
Denka ES
(grouting material)
SUQCEM admixture
(ultra-strength fiber-reinforced concrete
Denka Sigma
(high-strength material)
Denka FT
(high-performance water-reducing agent
AE water reducing agent
RIS Series
(polymer cement mortar)
Hardloc II
(acrylic adhesive for civil engineering works)
Other admixtures for concrete
Export (to and from Korea, Taiwan, China
and Southeast Asian countries)
●Acrylic Waterproofing Coating
(waterproofing coating for exterior walls)
(waterproofing membrane coating for rooftops)
Clear Wall
(repair coating for tile-finished exterior walls)
Various types of cement
Soil solidification materials
●Driving Force Transmission Materials  
(Cushioning materials for micro tunneling projects)
FJ ring
●Various types of rubber products
New Hole Tight
(quake proof joint for manholes)
Butyl rubber
Water swelling rubber
●Civil engineering and building materials
PVC pipes
PVC water bars
Drain pipes
Corrugated pipes
Steel frames and steel reinforcement bars
Concrete secondary products
●Engineering and construction works
(as a special constructor licensed by the Minister
of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Seismic strengthening works
Waterproofing works and flooring works
Various piling works and
reinforcement placing works
Survey, diagnosis and construction
of concrete structures

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