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Construction & Inorganic Materials Dept.
Ferrous Raw Materials, Metal Products and Welding Electrodes and Gasses

We accommodate a diverse spectrum of needs for
everything from supplying materials to processing
and product commercialization for all types of
industrial gasses and welding-related equipment
needed across every industrial sector.

We supply inorganic and metal materials to various different markets in a
stable manner by harnessing our worldwide networks and technical
prowess. We also cover a wide range of fields from traditional industrial
sectors to cutting-edge materials and meet our customer' every need with
our lineup of products suited to said needs.
We work hard every single day to earn the gratitude of our customers.

Metal silicon
AL alloy
Ni alloy
Other metals including rare metals
●Stainless steel scrap
●Special alloy scrap
●Refractory materials
Fused silica
Silica fume
●Heat insulating materials
for steelmaking
●Fine ceramics
●Desulfurization and
deoxidization materials
●Flux for steelmaking
●Copper products
●Aluminum products
●Stainless steel products
Stainless steel sheets
Stainless steel bars,
wires and pipes
Stainless steel couplings
Stainless steel castings
Stainless steel scrap
Stainless steel foil
High alloy
Various sanitary products
Stainless steel cutting/welding
●Welding materials &
Covered arc welding electrodes
Welding wire and flux
Welding equipmentt
●Hight-pressure gases
Industrial gases
Special gas for semiconductors
Nitrous oxide for medical use
Acetylene gas
Acetylene gas PSA isobaric pressure gas generators
High-pressure gas equipmen
●Refractory cement
Arumina cement
Welded cylinder for
high-pressure gas
Seamless cylinder for
high-pressure gas
200-litter steel drums
18-litter cans
●Cylinder valbe
For semiconductor gases
For industrial gases
For medical gases
●Piping material for
high-pressure gas
●PFA Tube chemical supply

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