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Construction & Inorganic Materials Dept.
Developed products

We satisfy every need of our customers
with our advanced ideas and broad networks.

Our advantages include strong networks built through a long history
since our establishment in 1922, and close relationships with
overseas subsidiaries across Asia. We offer a wide spectrum of
products ranging from raw materials to finished equipment to
meet different market needs. We are active in creating new
markets regardless of regions and products.

●Natural resources
Rare metals
Rare earth elements
●Machines & Equipment
Diesel generators
Hot presses
PCV pellet manufacturing machines
Akros injector
(Quantity amplifying system of
the backwash style)
●Raw materials & subsidiary materials
Silicon wafers
Wafer materials
Silicon trichloride
Silicon tetrachloride
Calcium aluminate
Calcium ferrite
Ferro Silicon
Ferro alloys
Boric acid
Color materials for color photo resists
Silicon carbide
Flexible containers

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