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LIB Business Promoting Dept.
LIB Related Products

Consulting role, providing advice based on developing /
manufacturing of Lithium ion battery.
We will provide reliable skills and totally support
to develop / manufacture the safety and
high specification Lithium ion battery.

Popularization of Electric Vehicle & Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle is the one of solution
for global environmental issues.
Lithium ion battery is the key item of those vehicles.
The features of Lithium ion battery, high output ・large capacity ・long life is necessary for the vehicle use.
We will also pursuit the possibility in the various industrial fields. Providing the most suitable total solution
concern to Lithium ion battery and support from every field including hardware/software faces.

Main business
●Consulting business concern to developing/designing/manufacturing of Lithium ion battery.
●Suggesting / Sailing of material for Lithium ion battery
・Conductive material
・Active material
●Suggesting / Sailing of manufacturing facility and equipment

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