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TRI-FLOW is a new type of anti-rust lubricant.
MODA reproduces and measures the activity of
the microorganisms in the natural environment.


MODA is a series of apparatuses that measure the speed with which soil-based microorganisms decompose organic materials down into carbon dioxide gas. They allow the user to perform degradative performance evaluations on biodegradable polymers by easily reproducing and measuring the activity of the microorganisms in the natural environment in a laboratory.
・Degradation evaluation tests on biodegradable plastics
・Compost maturity evaluation tests
・Degradation and purification evaluation tests on contaminated soil through microorganisms
・Degradation evaluation tests through microorganisms
・Green plastic certification method tests
・Standardization equipment for resin degradation measurement conditions (simplified)
・Development of new products (brands)
・Composting tests for containers and packaging
TRI-FLOW is an anti-rust lubricant that has been specially treated so that superfine particulated Teflon powder can easily assimilate into metallic surfaces.
When it is sprayed on metallic surfaces and other materials superfine particles of Teflon form a membrane that serves to promote sliding.
Textile machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, press machinery, agricultural equipment, printing and book binding machinery
Medical equipment, various types of valves, faucets
Refrigerators and thermally insulated heaters, woodworking machinery and other general operating machinery
Conveyor belts, elevators, airplanes
ailway and ship equipment, automobiles and other transport machinery
Metal molds, springs, construction hardware
Edged tools, bolts, nuts and other metal products
Sporting goods, audio equipment
Sewing machines, knitting machines, ventilation fans and other household goods

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